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Ubuntu 8.10 to be "Intrepid Ibex"

It's official, the next Ubuntu release will be code named "Intrepid Ibex"

An extract from Mark Shuttleworth's announcement:

"Our desktop offering will once again be a focal point as we re-engineer the user interaction model so that Ubuntu works as well on a high-end workstation as it does on a feisty little subnotebook. We'll also be reaching new peaks of performance - aiming to make the mobile desktop as productive as possible.

A particular focus for us will be pervasive internet access, the ability to tap into bandwidth whenever and wherever you happen to be. No longer will you need to be a tethered, domesticated animal - you'll be able to roam (and goats do roam!) the wild lands and access the web through a variety of wireless technologies. We want you to be able to move from the office, to the train, and home, staying connected all the way. "

Update: Announcement in:

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  1. Where is the announcement? its not on Mark Shuttleworth’s blog.

  2. Just added the link, sorry about that!

  3. Nuts. I was hoping for Itchy Imp. Oh well.

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