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Ubuntu built on the solid foundation of Debian

After my previous post on an Ubuntu ad in Slashdot (and I've since seen them in google adwords too), I actually spotted it again and clicked it to satisfy my curiosity. I got sent to a Canonical page, which seemed normal enough.
One small bit did catch my eye, and after all the back and forth about Ubuntu not recognizing enough it is based on Debian, I thought it would be nice to air it out in public:

(no, I don't think this settles anything, just nice, ain't it?)

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  1. Can you please elaborate on “I don’t think this settles anything”? It’s not clear at all to what you’re referring to.

  2. Ah, yes, that might not me clear enough.
    I was referring to the idea that “Ubuntu doesn’t acknowledge Debian enough”.
    I don’t think this buries that discussion, but it is a small steps towards it.

  3. I’m not into all of the “doesn’t acknowledge this, doesn’t acknowledge that” hype. It’s quite easy to realise after using ubuntu for a month or so just how many different people contribute to the whole thing..

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