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When things are done right…

What happens when you buy your hardware from one of the best companies out there, and install one of the most polished OS for desktops?

You get a perfectly working computer with and encrypted file system, suspend and hibernate working flawlessly, wireless and wired network configured, bluetooth, and all access keys and knobs working correctly withing less than 35 minutes.

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  1. I too, am very impressed by System76. I have a Pangolin Value and it runs Gutsy (and Hardy) beautifully. Which one did you get?

  2. I’ve got the Darter 😀

  3. Buenisimo !!! pero te cobran algo por entrarlas a Argentina ?? Cuento le ponen arriba en la nefasta aduana que tenemos ???.
    Yo quiero comprarme una como la Gazzelle pero no se cuanto me va a salir puesta en Argentina.

  4. Por el momento solo las venden en EEUU.
    Generalmente, para traerlas a Argentina tenes que calcular un 50% mas 🙁

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