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Gmail now has themes!

I suddenly opened up gmail, and saw a new theme.
It turns out, you can now choose from over 30 themes!
Screenshot of my spam:

gmail with themes

Theme options:

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  1. Awesome! It must be a roll out though my account doesn’t have it yet. 🙁

  2. ohhh fancy …
    i want.

  3. You can set your iGoogle theme to Ibex DarkRoom, maybe an Ubuntu Gmail theme is coming soon?

  4. I don’t seem to have it either.

    Is it a Google Labs feature?

  5. This is not available to all. I guess it will soon be.

    This is not Labs feature. Otherwise it would have been mentioned that way on gmail blog.

  6. Sayak, not a labs thing because I just checked labs, but I don’t have it yet ether.

  7. you have to log out and log in back to see the themes tab.

  8. It’s up! I was notified of the new themes.

    Right! Not a lab feature.


  9. YAY I have it already.

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