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A glimps on how Dell worked on getting Ubuntu ready to go live

I've bumped into a pretty cool video on the backstage behind Dell's work on Ubuntu, and I thought I'd share:

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Talk on Launchpad

I gave a talk on how to use Launchpad on saturday for the Argentina LoCo, and after a couple of hours of editing, it's up on Google Video.

The talk is in spanish, for which I understand there aren't many.

Any comments are more then welcome 😀

Update: Thanks to Fabian Rodriguez, also now available in OGG format.

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DebTorrent project, P2P apt

I've always known Linux was going to take over the world sooner or later, consequently random thoughts on scalability have randomly popped into my head.

One issue that seems pretty clear to me is the issue of having central repositories for applications and updates, which on one hand is awesome, but on the other, I can't help but wonder what would happen if a deal like the one with Dell would suddenly add, let's say, 1 million users in a very short period to the Ubuntu user base.

I'm not sure of the current state of servers/bandwidth, but my guess is that it wouldn't be such a seamless growth.
An obvious answer comes to mind, P2P, converting the issue of growth from a problem into a virtue from a resources point of view.

Well, open source is a great thing, and googling around a bit, I bumped into the DebTorrent page. It seems there's already a few projects making progress in that sense, two of them actually getting worked on sponsored by the Google Summer of Code project.

Anyway, the way things are shaping up lately, I think some real effort should be put into these approaches.

(I also blogged about this briefly in spanish)

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UWN #41 just hit the streets, grab it while it’s hot!

After another week of hard work, the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter has just been released.

Check it out!

Main topics in this issue are:

  • New Torrent Team
  • Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Project Underway
  • Newly Approved Members
  • Officially Approved LoCos
  • Team of the Week: Xubuntu Team
  • Meetings and Events
  • Security Updates

Do you know of a team or community within Ubuntu that you think is worth highlighting in UWN?
Send us an email to:
And if you a story you think is worth mentioning,  a new list has been created to make it easier to receive requests (not moderated):

Oh, and if you like this issue, make sure you digg it.

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Dell announces the models (and date) for Ubuntu

A blog floating around the blogosphere is reporting that he got an email from Dell, announcing that computers with Ubuntu preinstalled will be available starting next Thursday, may the 25th. The models are rumored to be "E520, 1505 and XPS 410".

The email also stated: "We expect these systems to be less than 1% of our OS mix for the entire year which is ~20,000 systems annually".

I hope they end up being wrong on that    😀

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Thoughts on Organizing Installfests

After participating in Flisol in Buenos Aires along with the rest of the Argentina LoCo Team, it being my first event of this kind, I learned a lot and thought I'd share my experience with everyone else.

We actually didn't have much time to prepare since we found out about the event pretty close to the actual day of the event (a bit over a week), and as soon as we did, I called up the person in charge of my area and offered our LoCos help.
I got a great response since they where planning on installing Ubuntu anyway, and practically got handed the event over for us to handle. This was very unexpected, but I was eager to get my hands dirty in that area so I accepted the challenge.

I got a very good response from my LoCo members, 10 or so of them came to the actual event, and some of them even went the day before to do all the dirty work (setup the network, move monitors and keyboards around, etc).

What we had for the event:
* 40-50 Ubuntu Feisty CDs
* A server with apt-cache so we didn't re-download the same package hundreds of times
* 100+ "Powered by Ubuntu" stickers
* 20 "Powered by Xubuntu" stickers

What we didn't and should of had:
* 200+ K/X/Ubuntu  CDs (a lot of people took the CDs with them, and some even just went to get the CD and take it home)
* "Alternate" CDs. Many old PCs where brought in, and we didn't have any alternate installations
* A system rescue CD (to fix one or two partitions that where broken while resizing, NTFS both of them, btw)
* Printed pieces of paper with the LoCo forum and mailing list address. We had to write it down dozens of times
* A brief (1 or 2 pages) explanation on how to get started
* A nice big banner with the "Ubuntu" logo
* A PC with all the widgets and whatnot installed (think Beryl) to show off

In spite of all this, the event was a success, and a lot of people who went to the event are now in the forums and in our mailing lists which means they stuck with Ubuntu.

We already took care of all those missing items, so we're hoping for a much smoother and well prepared event next time.

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Removed from Planet Ubuntu

You notice all my posts have been removed from, and that it isn't updating anymore since around 5am UTC.
Why is that you ask?
None of us have been told for sure by Canonical, but for what I can guess, since the planet is hosted by them, they've frozen it due to a confusion on the press embargo being lift about the Dell story, and any of us who had mentioned it, got removed even though we haven't broken any rules.

I might be wrong, but I believe "the planet" is an Ubuntu thing, not Canonical (they do host it), and as such commercial agreements should not affect it.

I understand it *might* have been a drastic measure, I'm just not happy about the way it's being handled, and I'm not the only one.

Update: The situation has been cleared up, and efforts will be made to prevent this in the future. Thanks to all those who tolerated the frenzy. 

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