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Fun (or weird) aliases to configure

After half an hour of randomly re-reading xkcd strips, I thought I'd start a meme: Fun or weird aliases for commands.
Kick start, aliases for "sudo":

simonsays apt-get install python2.5
please apt-get install python2.5
youdo apt-get install python2.5

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Big Buck Bunny, open source at it’s best

I've just finished watching the short film sponsored by the Blender Foundation, and I really have to say, it just feels better and better being in the open source world.
It's an amazing production, both in the quality of the rendering, sound, and amazing idea behind it.

The official site is currently down due to heavy digging and such, but I happen to have the torrent link stored, so here's a direct link to it, and, the embedded YouTube version (if you read through the planet, you might have to click to the post to watch it).

It's licensed under Creative Commons, so besides being encouraged to share it, you can download all the original material used for it and all the tools, for free.

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Ubuntu CDs getting stuck in customs…

Here at the Argentina LoCo, we have been avoiding requesting the LoCo CD pack, due to it getting stuck in customs for random reasons, making it sometimes impossible to retrieve it, and other having to pay a tax of over 100usd.

I'm curious if this is just a problem over here, or if other LoCos are in the same situation, and, if any, what workarounds have to found.

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Bazaar 1.4 released

The 1.4 release of Bazaar includes handy improvements to the speed of log and status, new options for several commands, improved documentation, and better hooks, including initial code for server-side hooks. A number of bugs have been fixed, particularly in interoperability between different formats or different releases of Bazaar over there network. There's been substantial internal work in both the repository and network code to enable new features and faster performance.

You can check out the full changelog at:
And download it at the usual location:

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IDE Integration in Bazaar

I've just kicked off a wiki page to follow up on the state of Integration into IDEs, so, if you want a specific IDE worked on, or are currently working on an integration, please feel free (or encouraged even) to add it to the wiki page:

I hope that page eventually harbours enough information for any random person to land on it and find out if their favourite IDE currently works with bazaar, or enough information to start working on one.

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