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Loggerhead 1.10 released!

The 1.10 release is mostly a bug fix release. There has been some effort to improve performance, we've updated the code to work with bzr 1.10, URLs are now much more user-friendly and permanent and breadcrumbs have been added to make navigation easier.

As part of the release, I have also uploaded packages to the bzr PPA:
My intention is to keep doing that in releases from now on   🙂

It has also been rolled out to Launchpad, so you will see nicer URLs like:
Quick changelog:

- Fixed some performance issues (Robert Collins, James Westby, Martin Albisetti)
- Update loggerhead to work with bzr 1.10 and the latest bzr-search (Robert Collins)
- Add startup deamon script for Linux (Marius Kruger)
- Switch navigation from file_ids to paths. Fixes bugs #260363, #269365 and #128926. (Martin Albisetti)
- Fix bug #258710 ("the /files page explodes in an empty branch"). Also minor improvements to the /files and /changes pages. (Marius Kruger)
- Added --port, --host and --prefix options to serve-branches script. (Martin Albisetti)
- Fixed broken template for project browsing with start-loggerhead (Martin Albisetti)
- Added --reload options to restart the application when a python file change. (Guillermo Gonzalez)
- Added error handling middleware. (Guillermo Gonzalez)
- Fix bug #243415 ("Tracebacks go to console but not log file"). Also minor improvements to logging in serve-branches and start-loggerhead. (Guillermo Gonzalez)

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Serverbeach now offering Ubuntu Servers

I've been using Serverbeach for a few years now, so I was quite excited when I saw they're now offering Ubuntu Server on their dedicated servers!

Now, if only they'd get cpanel working on Debian-based servers...

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Launchpad and stacked branches

For those of you who heavily use Launchpad for code hosting,  Jonathan Lange has a very good post about an optimization that has been rolled out in Launchpad a while ago. Check it out.

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